December 4, 2007

Prime Time

Italian bass guitarist Toni Campo released this gem on Impress Records in 1976. Born Antonio Campo, he also contributed to a number of other library records for Bosworth and Amphonic in the 70's as a session player. Ranging from the jazzy "Two-Way Street" to the melancholic "Here & Now", there are plenty of good tunes on this record to keep you guys interested. I -- uhh, my friend (heh heh) picked this up a while back and sampled "Vice-Versa" for a song for a local R&B singer damn near three years ago (Has it really been that long? Yikes), but it sounds so primitive compared to my -- err, his later work that I don't think anyone would care to hear it. Maybe I'll post a snippet some day...? Very well. Here's a sneak peek of the "All Night Long" instrumental, all the way from 2004...I wonder if she ever did anything with that beat...?

Ever since I snagged this record I've been trying to locate Campo's "Slowly" LP that he released on Munich-based Sonoton Records, in addition to the contributions he made on various library records for the German label. In the meantime, see if you can't find this bad boy on eBay somewhere...good luck. Oh, and shout-out to Soulbrotha and Lafayette over at 4BB, Cosmo at APS and OtO over at SdzOf! These guys have been holdin' me down for a while...thanks to all of y'all. Be sure to check out their respective sites for some dope music! (download)

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