December 13, 2007

Live Life To The Fullest

This post is dedicated to Pimp C, Ike Turner, Donda West and everyone else who left this world in 2007. Live your life as if today were your last day folks, and enjoy everything, because you never know when it's your time to go.

Today's post is, fittingly, 1972's Life Is For Living, another gem from the KPM Music Library. On a side note, I didn't realize I had like 114 KPM records in the stash yo. So many beats, so little time...I guess I better get started. (download)


Reza said...

thanks for the kpm danny (and the password)
I'm a bit of a library fan have you any requsts mate

XMP said...

Nice! We got a bunch of KPM and other awesome library music stuff in the archives for our blog. Let me know if you want anything that the link has gone bad for.

likey your blog. no likey the spiders. too many legs moving at once to trust.

Anonymous said...

thanks danny, much appreciated.

Captain Chelicerate said...

Just discovered this blog, lovin' it!

Anonymous said...

merci mec

chris said...

Thank danny boy. I'm new to your blog and so far I'm lovin' it!!

Yeah KPM fo shoooo, getting taht foo shooo. lol

Please rip as many as you have, These bad ass motherfucking records need to be archived!

-much love


Anonymous said...

A great "MERCI" for all library music!
library music c'est Surreàl !
Le Club Marron.

alexghirmay said...

thanks for that dan, can't get enough of this library music.


lovin the blog, keep it up

Vinyl4Giants said...

Any chance on getting this one again!?!
Thanks in advance.

chris said...

thanks again for these im just lookin through your old post and found all these kpms im miss thanks again man.