April 23, 2008


Guess who's back? It's me, snitches.

Finally got things squared away so we're back in business. Today's post comes from 1975's live recording of the legendary "3 M Concert" from Cherry Hill, New Jersey's Latin Casino. The three M's, of course, are Margie Joseph, Blue Magic and Major Harris. The performance gave birth to a 2-LP vinyl record released the year following the concert, which of course can be found floating around on eBay somewhere. It was the live version of Major Harris's "I Got Over Love" from this record, and not the studio version on Jealousy from the same year, that Just Blaze used to create "I Really Mean It" for the Diplomats. Peep the original demo version of "I Really Mean It" -- originally titled "Don't Go", apparently -- on Just's blog.

Enjoy! Check out how Major shouts out Philadelphia producer Ron "Have Mercy" Kersey, who unfortunately passed away in 2005. (download)

April 12, 2008

Ape Shit

Now that I am somewhat over the initial shock, anger and disappointment of my f**kin' car being stolen, I suppose I can get back to sharing more music. Don't have a lot of time for commentary today, but fellow DJ Premier stans fans will know that today's entry is the source of the fiiiiiiiyah collaboration between GangStarr and M.O.P., courtesy of the Blade soundtrack from '98. Peep track 12 from this Jimmy Webb-helmed score from the 1973 motion picture The Naked Ape if you don't believe me. (download)

April 7, 2008

Right On, Time

I hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed the albums I posted a few days ago. Today's post has been brought to you by two of the 5th Dimension's former singers, husband and wife Marilyn and Billy. After much success with the 5th Dimension in the early 70s, the pair left the group in 1975 to establish their own careers, releasing this joint album in the process.

This album from 1976 features the popular cut "Nothing Can Stop Me", which has been sampled ad nauseum on the mixtape/underground rap circuit. Less notably, but certainly just as deservedly, the song was also sampled by Jaheim on his debut single "Could It Be" from 2001. Nice.

The lights are going out in this place real soon. You've been warned. (download)