June 11, 2009

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Sorry I haven't posted in nearly a month, folks. Been trying to scramble and make up for lost time. I've missed deadlines for MTV, Def Jux and even this upcoming Drake collaboration so I had to put the blog on pause for a second.

I think I'll stick my neck out today and post a record from the litigation-happy DeWolfe, who have released an excellent selection of film and television music in the late 60s through early 80s, and even today. This piece from 1976 features composers Staker, Natal and Thomas and can be classified as what I call "mood music". Atmospheric selections such as "Green Dew" (which I sampled for "Moondust" late last year) and "Troubled Water" really make this an LP to add to the collection. If you can find the occasional eBay posting for this record then you'll find that it won't cost you anymore than $10 to $15 USD. Notice I said "occasional": good music, evidently, is hard to come by. (download)