December 3, 2007


It's only fitting that I post this next record. Apparently I've been getting a lot of love lately on my foray into the blog world: I noticed my page/profile views have been climbing at an alarming pace. 7,000+ views/visits within a month...but only 6 total comments? Yeesh. Love Anonymous, indeed. I'll probably threaten to discontinue this blog about as much as I threaten to retire from music.

Anyway, as for Love Anonymous: I love this record. I hate this record. I love it because there are a lot of nice grooves on this LP: "Modern Day Woman" and "Be Real", to name a couple. Love Anonymous was released in 1977 through Isaac Hayes' Hot Buttered Soul imprint over at ABC Records. I remember like it was yesterday when I first bought it: back in late 2001, right around the time I really started making sample-based beats (up until then I played everything on my keyboard, à la Patrice Rushen), I used to ravage those dollar bins at the record store! Anything I could do to get my hands on as many records as possible ('cause back then I was broke). I don't even think I actually listened to Love Anonymous until the summer of 2002 'cause I was so busy with classes at the time. But when I did I fell in love with the soulful sounds and after I got all of my equipment a year or so later I made three beats within two weeks, thanks to the aforementioned "Modern Day Woman", "Can't Nobody Love Me (Like You Do)", and "It's A Terrible Thing To Waste Your Love".

Which brings me to why I hate this record. When a certain somebody emerged from hip-hop's underground around the same time everyone wanted to start making their little comparisons. By the time my first album came out, dude had already released songs that sampled the same tracks I did. And you probably know the rest. I remember being so pissed at all the finger-pointing that I traded Love Anonymous to a friend for a Stevie Wonder record (can't remember which one it was) back in '04, only to sheepishly re-purchase it from another dollar bin not even a year later. Good music, after all, is good music.

Which brings me back to why I love the record: the incident inspired me to dig just a little deeper for more obscure joints so that way people couldn't say sh*t. Don't get me wrong, this record will always have a place in my heart; the songs on here are soul music at its best. Click HERE to find it on eBay; sucks that they're charging upward $12 for the record considering I paid a buck for it, but...meh. (download)

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soulbrotha said...

A nice respite from all the tech problems we are having over at 4BB. Thanks for the the music, Danny. Nice profile pic, too. :)