December 5, 2007

Marc My Words

Coming soon. No bullsh*t.

A1 - And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind (4:10)
A2 - Until It's Time For You To Go (2:34)
A3 - When The Wind Blows In Chicago (3:44)
A4 - Days (2:30)
A5 - Four Winds & The Seven Seas (2:40)
B1 - When I Wake Up In The Morning (2:25)
B2 - If She Should Come To You (2:40)
B3 - Forever Is A Long, Long Time (2:40)
B4 - Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring (2:50)
B5 - Why Can't I Walk Away (2:28)

I'm on the way to Portman's Music to buy a new stylus for my record player, I'm long overdue for one. Peace!

** EDIT ** The vinyl rip is now available HERE.


soulbrotha said...

thanks for the shoutout! We are still going through it with Blogger. What a mess! Keep up the good work and hopefully you will get the amount of comments needed to post Hannibal! Peace :)

cosmo said...

this si the royce the 5 9 joint right?

Danny! said...

The one and only! I dug this up last night, had it for a while but never bothered to rip it.

And soulbrotha, no problem man! I hope y'all get everything straightened out over there. Thanks for swinging through the site, you guys are welcome here anytime. I'm thinking about taking Cafe Surreal private too...

parisian fan said...

me,parisian fan,has decided to leave a comment:WONDERFUL!

adam said...


Dirkson said...

I'm interested...

Anonymous said...

haha i run a blog myself and i know how annoying it is to post 191283901283 times and only get like 3 comments even tho you know over 50 people have downloaded the stuff in teh links. just showin some love