December 28, 2007

Fantasy Land

Usuaully when one hears the word "Fantasia", they either think of the 1940 Disney film re-released in the early 70's to profit from the psychadelia-lovin', LSD-trippin' college crowd, or the 2004 American Idol winner who made some song about wanting a "hood boy". Yikes! Good luck with that, 'Tasia.

Very seldom do people discuss the greatness that is this 1979 record from the Bruton music library. The track "Discovery" alone -- previously released as "Solstice" on Bennett's Voyage LP and sampled by Nas -- makes this album worth the purchase. It isn't a difficult record to come by; I believe you can still catch it on CD&LP for 69 euros.

By the way, what the hell is a "hood boy" anyway? (download)


aleksandar said...

happy new year
o man i love brian bennetts work.
great post.i mean all off dem.
greetings from Croatia.
shool the young fool.

Anonymous said...

space seduction music!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh its a shame but this album is no longer aviable for download can someone can reupload for me and anothers ungries for music pleasure? thxx

Anonymous said...

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