December 6, 2007

Patch Things Up

My next selection comes from the french music library label Patchwork. Composers Claude Perraudin and Teddy Lasry both had previous entries in the Patchwork catalogue (Perraudin's Voices with the Monday Singers and Lasry's Tutti Fluti, volumes 14 and 22 respectively) prior to 1976's Vol. 24: Racing. The primarily synthy record gives off that late 70's moog/electronic sound that was emerging at the time; "Monte Carlo Rallye" is trippy and groovy while tracks like "Chamonix" are pretty laid-back. While you're enjoying this, I'll see if I can't dig up some other Patchwork gems I have in the stash like the aforementioned Voices or 1977's Flutissimo. Holla at PopSike if you're trying to track Racing down. (download)


FunkyMongoose said...

what up danny! thanks for the share, i can never run into these kinds of records at my local shops. what's up with your music anything new?

Danny! said...

No problem dude! Unfortunately I'm considering taking a brief hiatus from music as of the moment...nothing ever seems to materialize, plus it doesn't help matters much when Souljah Boy and "Party Like A Rockstar" get Grammy nominations. Who knows, maybe I'll change my mind tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Just superb . I`m a fan of Perraudin (check out his "Mutation 24" from `77. GREAT stuff!)
A QUALITY site you have here, indeed, and a big THANK YOU !
MAHAGON IS SOME KILLER JAZZ=ROCK ! w/ lots interesting twists and turns. What a gem ! This gem desrves a proper CD RE !!

FWIW: we have the same exact interests in life. As Signore Zappa said ,"Music is the best ."
... if you want some clay pot rhythms LMK
salutations !

~Craig "bless`d by RA"

Anonymous said...

Don't stop what you're doing. I love Cafe Surreal, especially your library digs. I wish you'd post more KPM. I'm commenting! I'm here! New Mexico in the house!