November 23, 2007

Scoop It Up

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! If you celebrate it, that is. If not, I hope everyone had a happy...Thursday. Meh.

I've got almost six dozen TeleMusic LP's in the stash, maybe I'll post them all one day. Maybe you can send me naked photos of yourself. Today I'm feelin' a little generous though (blame it on the cranberry sauce). Friday's entry is 1976's Mondial Scoop, helmed by the great Michel Gonet. A lot of the LP's content is easy listening, but tracks such as "Red Sunset" are just plain gorgeous. So gorgeous, in fact, that I -- err, my friend sampled a tune for the instrumental "Home...?". Mondial Scoop is the second in a series of three successive LP's that Gonet produced for TeleMusic (TV News and Phasing News, Volume 1 being the other two). As for Scoop, well, GrooveCollector is selling a copy for a few euros but I'm sure you'll be able to find it someplace else. LOLZ! (download)


A Pyrex Scholar said...

gotta love these telemusic Lp's. nice post . thank god fo google reader keeping me up yo date or i might have missed this.

Dirkson said...

Hey man. Just post it! Thanx in advance.

Dirkson said...

Sweet. Seems like I got lot's of Christmas presents. Thanks for all the effort and your shared knowledge.

lemoncat... said...

thanx for sharing this danny.

Anonymous said...

Is any chance You can reupload this album?
Thanks in advance :)