November 2, 2007

(Double) Diamonds Are Forever

I friggin' love If. Anyone who knows me knows this. If you're a fan of prog rock, you should definitely check them out. If tends to incorporate jazz elements in their songs, so I guess they'd fall under the "jazz rock" category as well. I'll more than likely be posting more albums from this British band in the future.

By the time 1973's Double Diamond was released, founder/saxist/flutist Dick Morrissey had scrapped the original line-up and enlisted all new members. As a result, reactions on the album were mixed and a lot of people didn't care for their new direction. Whatever! I, for one, enjoy the record; I even have a, ahem, close friend (LOL) that incorporated one of the songs from Double Diamond into an instrumental called "The Chute". From bouncy to laid-back to quirky, this record may not be the best entry in If's discography but it certainly is worth a listen. Good luck getting your hands on it, but you can click HERE to try finding it on eBay. (download)


A Pyrex Scholar said...

ah .. sweet IF. good work Danny

FunkyMongoose said...

this looks super dope...and i read about you on the mtv page, i'm a fan. i like your success story too!