November 27, 2007

Pyrymyd Schemes

Good luck finding any background information on this group. Music whiz that I am, and even I don't know much about Pyrymyd except that they're a funk/rock outfit from the early 80's that released this rare gem at the turn of the decade. A quick search on Google rarely returns any additional info; I don't even know the names of any of the band memebers.

What I do know, though, is that you'll want to check this groovy dish out. Stand-out tracks include "I'm Yours Forever" and "Mr. Music Man". I also know that most retail outlets no longer carry this album, so you'll have a tough time tracking one down. (download)


alexghirmay said...

wodup danny.
luvin the selection.

wanna download this, bt when i clik on the link it times out

Danny! said...

Hmmmm...try it again Alex. It should work now.

andy said...

I've been looking forever to find this album. got directed to your blog from somewhere on the internet. any chance you still have it online?

fashionable said...

Hello Danny...I was pursuing a curious search about a band. A band that my dad was apart of while at Capital Records. His name is Michael, the bass player for the band. Along with my dad, I also have Uncles that are apart of this band. One of whom wrote "I'm Yours Forever."

I am curious to know how you found out about them? How long you have been interested in them? . . . Pretty much everything. I am quite curious to know.

Thank You


fashionable said... contact me,