November 20, 2007


Guess who's bizz-ack...sorry about the hiatus folks, just got caught up with final exams. Final exams suck.

Anyway, my next entry comes from the famed KPM 1000 series of library music. KPM 1084, Mediterranean Intrigue & Martenot, was released in 1971 and composers Neil Ardley and John Leach pretty much do their thing. Not as exciting as the some of the many other KPM 1000 records (like 1980's Technology and Movement or 1974's Jingles, both of which I may post someday), but its jazzy flutes and pianos make for an enjoyable listen; you'll find a few electronic-esque tracks on here as well, such as Leach's "Allegro for Martenot". Neil Ardley also collaborated with composers Don Rendell and Ian Carr for Greek Variations & Other Aegean Exercises (Columbia, 1969), another flute/piano-driven jazz sandwich. Haven't turned one up on eBay, but HipWax may still have a copy for a decent price. (download)


Theo said...

looks to be wicked, thank you!

FunkyMongoose said...

whoa, you're website is dope! you designed it yourself?! you are a renaissance man.