March 1, 2008

Time 4 Sum Action

I almost forgot how many of these records I had. And by far, one of my favorite ones in the bunch. 1967's Impact & Action, y'all. (download)


Tim said...

Glad you're feeling better, glad you're sticking some of our own stuff (even if it's just samples) on the blog, and, best of all, glad your writing, at length, again. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

thanks homie! i wish i had the dedication to keep a blog updated.

Anonymous said...

wowww thx for sharing this kind of music, in my country is very hard to find some related to KPM comps.
post more and more of this!!
my best regards!!

chris said...

hey thanks for this post.

i really enjoy the KPM series

as a producer and music lover.

more of this pleas =)