March 10, 2008

Re-Up Gang, Part One

I got it for cheap, word to Pusha T and M. Diddy.

Is there anything I've uploaded previously that you'd like for me to make available again? If so, drop a line in this post.

I'll tell ya this: y'all slept on those Lupin III soundtracks HARD. Easily the best collection of music I've ever heard in all of my 24 years of existence.


Anonymous said...

ei Danny do u know the original song this hh song wuz sampled ?

i made a post on the futureproducers forum as well , here is the youtube link ..

Danny! said... sounds mad familiar. I'm pretty sure it comes from a library record, but I can't tell which company. I like the chops, but I feel like he could've done so much more with that beat!

young h said...

The Feel Good Jumpoff (the mix I was telling you about)

you're somewhere around track 10 I believe. hell, you'll know what your song sounds like when you hear it. i did a 2 for 1 mashup for the people.

(and I DEFINITELY know how that blogging without comments to a brick wall thing goes, but I stay at it and it feels good when I get a comment from someone who isnt already a "friend")

Anonymous said...

Wow nice blog! I really mean it!
I have been searching for this Marc Hannibal stuff, so is it possible to download it from somewhere?

I'm kinda newbie with these blogs so I dont know what to do and so on.. :D

Anonymous said...

man .. do u know the originals from Looptroop - Fly Away and Nas - Nas is like ? .. i need the names :D .. and if u could download them that would be great .. check me out on

Anonymous said...

and try to find this one .. it`s the same methadon 3000

thelistening said...

Hi there,

Love the blog and just wanted to say thanks for the music.

Also was wondering if you wanted a two way link? Since i help run a music podcast that i'm sure would appeal to some of your readers.
The links here if you are,
and you can contact off the email on the site.

If not no worries and thanks for the great music

The Listening

beat2go00 said...

Lupin III

Harmonix said...

Just wanted to leave a post to let you know that folks are still checking for your blog. Peace. Much appreciation.

Harmonix said...

Also, did you already post that album that you have the pic up for? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"Is there anything I've uploaded previously that you'd like for me to make available again?"

YES! Marc Hannibal! Please.
Thanks a lot

Rokwell111 said...

hey wwould love to see those lupin the 3rd joints up i have most of the soundtracks and own the dvds and man the music is great. thanks for sharin'

E-Rich said...

Bring back Lupin III. I missed that one.

Owl said...

any of the library albums would be nice :)
just found my way here and missed most of them.

orly said...

sup, danny
i like how you play with these fools lol
btw why did you stop postin @thebreaks?

Sallar said...

whattup danny!!!?? i just joined Future Producers and I found a link to ur blog ... i just want to say thank you for taking the time and dedication to provide us all with such a splendid array of some of the most beautiful music! I will be sure to spread the word to all my familia in London... am In Iraq working at the moment, and your blog is already helping my time here smooth out... It would be great to see those Lupin III soundtracks again for all us newcomers who missed the chance ... anyways.. peace out from iraq, myself AND my best mates here... my MPC and my MIC!! haha! take care!