March 22, 2008

Promises, Promises

Here's another one from the only-copped-it-'cause-a-producer-I-looked-up-to-flipped-something-from-it-that-was-dope-as-fuck files. The Heatmakerz borrowed a tune for Juelz's "One Day I Smile" a few years back, and I copped it the following year when I finally tracked it down. I had just begun to sample a few years prior, and was still going through that phase where I'd buy records that have already been flipped. These days it takes a lot for me to knowingly cop something that someone has already run through. It's almost akin to being young and trying to mack at girls, not minding the sloppy seconds at first -- even seeking them out, in this case -- 'cause that's how you get your game up, but after a while you start wanting your own chicks, yafeelme?

Blah blah blah, anyway the debut record from the UK-based Delegation is a dope LP and y'all should check it out. Holla at a eBay when you see him in the streets. And speaking of Juelz, does ANYONE know the sample used on "Crack" from the Final Destination mixtape? It's been bugging me for years; sorry Madlib. (download)


jamie said...

Thanks for sharing all these records man its greatly appreciated. Also like the analogy used for this record lol.Getting into making beats and writing myself and it helps with blogs like youres around. It doesnt seem that you have a link for this one?

Errol said...

thank you.

taufique said...

much love for your efforts to share :) im into beatmaking as well (just as a hobby) and blogs like yours are a source of inspiration for some of the beats i make. Thank you.:)

k02 said...

Hey man. firs and foremost thanks for the work you have been puttin into this blog. Just wanted to ask you a quick question regarding production/making beats. Bascically i have just bought an MPC and wanted to know any places you would recommeend me getting some drums from? obviously you dont have to tell me exactly where but if you can point me into the right direction. I was thinking of buying some off ebay? but if you could let me know it would be appreciated.

and Sorry for the long ass questions. Thanks again for this great blog.

Rokwell111 said...


i would recommend you jsut go through some records and chop them yourself and start with that...that should get you goin...or look through the internet im sure youll be able to find some drum sounds.

good luck