March 10, 2008

In The Face Of Danger

Today's post is another one of those records that I inherited back in my non-sampling days, only to discover its value -- both music-wise and money-wise -- years down the road. At roughly $10-$15 on average, this record is worth every penny, especially if you're into afrobeat. I fell in love with "de rhythms", if you will, ultimately slowing down "Amebo" for the loopy "Danny, Why Hasn't..." on the still un-released Dream, Extinguished album. Short and sweet -- three tracks per side -- Danger leaves you wanting more, as it did for me, forcing me to track down more of the sisters' music, in particular 1984's Double Trouble.

Enjoy! And good luck tracking down any of their albums...much like my music, it's extremely hard to come by unless you know where to look... (download)


Andy said...

i like afrobeat alot,
thanks for this

Anonymous said...

Soz to be anonymous, am a 'puter numpty, been after this for ages, ta love,