January 23, 2008


I've been working for the past two weeks, and them jokers have been mailing my check to the wrong address the whole time. Drama.

Speaking of Drama, enjoy # 1168 from the KPM Library while I go raise a ruckus about my mon-ay. (download)


Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate it when payroll F#$@ shit up!

Thanks for the tunes!!

fslmy said...

nice work

godamn theres a lot of library music floating around atm. woooeeee

domin said...

Hey Danny, Just came over from Paul's site. Very nice work over hear.



Domino said...

Hey Danny, just came over from pauls blog. Nice work over here.



Che Grand said...

make sure they get that $ right!

Anonymous said...

it's a great, great blog, and i offer my apologies on behalf of all the anonymonkeys who haven't said so (i haven't figured out how to set up a blogger account, being an archaic 20th-century type) -- the 21 day expiry is such a bummer though -- such a tease to see what _used_ to be so tantalizingly close. the library discs are soooooo amazing (even the amazingly bad bits, and i'm talking bad, not bad).