January 4, 2008

Happy Happy, Joy Joy

Are y'all still out there?

It's been quiet 'round these parts lately...hmm...I'll just assume you all are still hung over from New Year's. I'll save the mini-paragraph for another time, when people are actually visiting this place again. Without further ado, here's 1970's Happy Novelties. Shout-out to Paul and his new blog! (download)


Paul Durango said...

Hi Danny!

Thank you very much for this upload ; it's great ! I got my hand on about 15Gb of library recently, making my directory weights about 25Gb so i may have some stuff you would enjoy... I'm currently renaming & tagging the whole shebang and i could send you some snapshots of my directory if you want.. (i have also like 230 Morricone Scores.. mainly from late 60's to mid 80's..crazy stuff in there....)

here's my email :


(without the slashes and *..)

I'm really enjoying the 1970-1978 era, breaks, wicked bass players, moog and arp.. Brian Bennett is God right now.. if you don't know what to upload.. KPM 107x to 124x to be vague.. forget it ! i love 'em all that's it ! ha ha..

Anyway, i listen to your myspace and liked the way you poured all your "70's music knowledge" (to make it fast) into it.. Respect and 'clever recycling' for all these sounds is a great way to feed our creations needs i think (i try to be a music creator myself.. it appears these records speak to everyone ; i'm making some 'Raymond Scott - Bernard Fèvre - Moroder - Silver Apples - Electro Spé' music.. rather far from your hip hop feel hé hé..)

So keep on the good work and let me know if you want me to upload your zip files on rapidshare or mediafire to make 'em available for a long time (having the possibility to cancel them anytime..)

Cheers from Paris!

fslmy said...

diggin it, thx.

good luck finding work man

Boombapster said...

What it do? Nice post D!
Hope you're luck's improving on the job tip....

It's BBS

Vinyl4Giants said...

Thanks. Love me some KPM. Good lookin' out!!!

Anonymous said...

haha, you update this site more than i come here.. i shall have to change that. keep it up, good luck with the 9-5 business

Librarian said...

Hi Danny, great blog. Wish i came here earlier, as i missed Bel Air from DeWolfe... :(

Anyway, great blog and thanks for this and Fantasia!

THXjay said...

Hey Danny,

Just found you through Paul's site.....lovin' the library shares, you have a really nice collection here.

All the best for the future, stop by my place when you get a chance

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