February 10, 2008

Funkin' Around

I'm back from hiatus...between working on this new album, gawking at LOLcat pictures on teh internets and working on this new album I have been tied the f**k up, yo. Don't have time to type too much but I should have this place back up and running real soon.  Today's offering -- featuring "How Do You View You" that was used for Threat's "Lettin' Niggas Know" from 1995's Friday Soundtrack -- is from one of the best bands of all time, Funkadelic. No hyperbole-o. (download)


Erik said...


Funkadelic/Parliament? If I was stranded on a desert island... I would have nuthin but! (maybe some 10cc in hand but, thats only a recent discovery of mine). Best band, crew of, or congregation of musicians ever, Parliament+ Funkadelic! Great album, good post. Good luck with the new album!

Brazil 5K (a fan!)

A Pyrex Scholar said...

friday was the shit!