January 18, 2008

'Bye, Polar(is)

It's almost funny, somedays I could give a shit about the lack of responses and other days I'm frustrated. Thus, today's selection -- 1967's Polaris from the De Wolfe library -- has been brought to you by my quasi-bipolar-esque tendencies. (download)


litlgrey said...

This album comes from the absolute pinnacle period of the DeWolfe Music Library. Peter Reno and Reg Tilsley shine on each and every one of their outings during this period, adding pinache to the stuffiness of the label's sound up until that point. They also transitioned well to psyche rock in the late 1960s, but the clunky crap of the 1970s makes almost all music on the label unlistenable by 1974 or 1975.
"Polaris" is great!

A Pyrex Scholar said...

what up danny. hows the new job mate? nice share

Jack said...

Damn I love this Stuff. I have this @ MP3 92kps. and was hoping for a 320 (as is DWLP 3347 - A Rose For Dracula) but link is dry.

Anyhoot super-thanks for all your efforts.