February 18, 2008

Perfect Timing

Thanks for sliding me that, err, Marilyn Monroe link, Cosmo. Couldn't have come at a better time! Looks like I've found my newest screensaver.

Speaking of great timing, enjoy this library record from French composers Roger Bourdin and Yan Tregger, released in 1980. In the meantime, let's see if I can put my new screensaver(s) to good use (nudge, nudge, wink). Tim, Fritz and Mr. Anonymous, I see ya! Thanks for supporting the site guys. (download)


Deeno said...

Thanks! Oh, and your music is pretty nice too.

fritz the cat said...

No worries. some interesting grooves for the beat diggers on this one!

A Pyrex Scholar said...

check out you myspace mate. i left you a message/

Likedeeler said...

Thank you! Best wishes from Berlin

(Do you know what happened to tracks 2 and 3, are they missing? The numbering in the tags looks like...)