April 15, 2009

It's A Small, Small World

Today's entry is from the beloved Bruton Music label. Released in 1985, this LP is typical fare for mid- to late-80's library music (cheesy, disco-esque and moog moog moog). It has a few flaws, but stand-out tracks like "Corporation Of Stature" and "The Nation's Pride" more than make up for it. Brian Bennett and Ray Russell share composing duties.

It's fairly difficult to track this record down. But that's what I'm here for. On a side note, this place used to be bustlin'! The profile page says 13,000 views for cryin' out loud. I know I've been MIA for a while (I was in love, jack) but unfortunately the disclaimer still stands: downloads are available for three weeks only. However, I'm a softie; if the traffic picks up, I'll start taking repost requests again. (download)


litlgrey said...


The download link is not working. It leads to 404 Not Found error.

Mark J said...

I second that. also, what's with the 21 days policy????

litlgrey said...

Let me clear that up. I see it now.

The blog owner is free to institute that policy, even if others disagree with it.

In my case, despite the fact that this Bruton post was dated late April, I didn't get to see it in my feed reader until June 15th. Literally. I have no idea why.

So I accept that it's too late. Maybe the files will turn up in SoulSeek land from someone who did download them in time.

Danny! said...

Hey guys! I hope there's no hard feelings about the three-week window. Back when this place had far more traffic it was more than reasonable.

There's two reasons why I enforce the policy: one, I'm one of few music sharers that host these albums on my own server. If you notice, every single link leads to my domain. I have to save storage space so I keep them there for about three weeks, then make room for more albums.

The only other reason why these albums don't stay up is because of the "blog police" that could possibly one day make this blog go the way of other once-prominent blogs (i.e. shut down), so with links that only stay up temporarily it's hard to build a "case", if you will.

Litlgrey, I don't know why the feed showed up so late. Now that I'm looking at my blog queue there are two other posts that have been published but aren't showing up on the site at all. I need to look into that.

litlgrey said...

Dude, I am positive it's nothing you have any control over.

Like, for example, I just got the "Rose for Dracula" one. A week late this time. They're either going to come in... or they ain't.