July 21, 2008

What You Want Me To Do? I'm Sorry!

I'm back.

[cocky Jay-Z laugh]Eheheheheh.[/cocky Jay-Z laugh].


Carlito said...

Does anyone know if it's true that Jay-z is about to sign AskForMercy Music Artist - Aaron Mingo as one of the artist under his LiveNation deal?

Bryce said...

Glad your back! I'm diggin the album...good work!

Anonymous said...

WOOOOOO! happy to see you back at it, Danny. I've been pimping your stuff like a Crenshaw john.

Anonymous said...

yo, i ll be a visitor from now on...check my blog:


clu said...

Hey Danny Glad to have you back
keep us guessing like Jay-Z, just dont be like Jay-z lololol