April 7, 2008

Right On, Time

I hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed the albums I posted a few days ago. Today's post has been brought to you by two of the 5th Dimension's former singers, husband and wife Marilyn and Billy. After much success with the 5th Dimension in the early 70s, the pair left the group in 1975 to establish their own careers, releasing this joint album in the process.

This album from 1976 features the popular cut "Nothing Can Stop Me", which has been sampled ad nauseum on the mixtape/underground rap circuit. Less notably, but certainly just as deservedly, the song was also sampled by Jaheim on his debut single "Could It Be" from 2001. Nice.

The lights are going out in this place real soon. You've been warned. (download)


kizza said...

Why doesn't anyone comment?!?!
Filthy downloaders!
Seriously though, thanks for this!
I love the 5th Dimension stuff, but never got this LP, so thanks a bunch!

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Zalman said...

I'm a fan of PURE Electronic Music.
So I need the following albums of "Frederic Mercier"

His music is something like VANGELIS' works.

I hope you can share them with me.
As these ones are hard to find and I didn't have any chances for finding them.

Thanks in advance.

Frederic Mercier (France)

+ ou - 8000 (1978) (with Teddy Lasry and Claude Perraudin)
World (??)
Industry (??) (with Guy Boulanger and E. Vercy)
The World Of Frédéric Mercier (1984)
Music Band (1984)
Jingles (1984) (with Teddy Lasry)
Aventure (1986)


Errol said...

Thanks for sharing.

k02 said...

Thanks man, keep up the great work and thanks for the reviews/comments of each record as you provide a good indication of the general feel of albums.

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E-Rich said...

This nigga said LOLlerskates. Oh yeah? Well ROFLcopter. And "Lights are going out in this place" my ass. You still didn't repost the Lupin the Third soundtrack

Boombapster BBS said...

Marilyn & Billy... GOL-LY!!

Why, shucks, I woulda never thought you could be any cooler before THIS.

Thanks Danny!

It's BBS btw

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Young H said...

Sorry to see the site going away, thank you for the music between your catalog and the bits and pieces you put up on here

Anonymous said...

ill.. respect..

Anonymous said...

Damn, I wish I had discovered this blog sooner. There's so much wonderful material here, it's ridiculous.

I think you may have inspired me to start my own blog dedicated to the most raw nuggets.


Hopefully you keep it up!

---- said...

yo danny you the man bro, direct download links! what a treat.....ive been looking for this mccoo lp for a while, thanks a bunch mate......you say you have the rhinestone cowboy sample!! no way.....wtf is that?!!?....ive got afew trades if your interested, hit me up on

fran said...

nobody knows the rhinestone cowboy sample